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Alphabet Strips
Spelling Lists

1st 50 Keywords
1st 100 Keywords

Simple Explanation
Simple Report
Short Story

Book Reviews

Book Review 1
Book Review 2
Book review 3

Word Level Work
Syllables (BBC website)
Syllables in Poetry
Plurals (BBC website)
Prefixes (BBC Website)
Suffixes (BBC Website)
Confusing words (BBC Website)
Homophones (BBC Website)
Proof reading (BBC Website)
Silent Letters (BBC Website)
Root Words (BBC Website)
Letter patterns (BBC Website)


Alphabet Cards
Plot Profile
Report Card
Character Analysis
Character Review
Character Self Portrait
Anticipation Guide
Difficult Word Chart
Before & After
What We Know About

Sentences Level Work
Making Sentences (BBC Website)
What is a sentence? (BBC website)
Making Sentences2 (BBC Website)
Putting sentences together (BBC Website)
Putting text into sentences (BBC Website)
Commas (BBC Website)
Apostrophes (BBC Website)
Tenses (BBC Website)
Subject / Verb agreement (BBC Website)
Personal Pronouns (BBC Website)
Adverbs (BBC Website)

Text Level Work
Types of texts (BBC Website)
Instructions (BBC Website)

World War Two Topic
ww2 project Amelie.pdf
ww2 project Oliver.pdf
ww2 project Phoebe.pdf

Reading Journals - Good examples
reading journal Amelie.pdf

Orienteering Resources
Find maps here....


Times Tables
Division Tables
Multiplication Grid
Place Value Cards
100 Square Grid
Number Cards 0 - 9
Number Lines
Cm Squared Paper OHP
Fraction & Decimal Pelmonism/Snap
Conversion Game
Protractor OHP Game
Coordinate Grid
20 Blank Memory Cards
Replacement Number For Wallchart

Fraction Cards

Number work

Addition and Subtraction
Mental addition and subtraction (BBC Website)
Written addition and subtraction (BBC Website)
Problem solving with addition and subtraction (BBC Website)

Mental Multiplication (BBC Website)
Times Tables (BBC Website)
Written Multiplication (BBC Website)
Problem solving with Multiplication (BBC Website)

Mental Division (BBC Website)
Written Division (BBC Website)
Problem solving with division (BBC Website)

Negative Numbers
Negative Numbers (BBC Website)

Comparing Numbers
Comparing Numbers (BBC Website)

Multiples and Factors
Multiples and factors (BBC Website)

X and / by 10, 100, 1000
X and divide by 10, 100 and 1000 (BBC Website)

Big Numbers
Writing big numbers (BBC Website)

Rounding and estimating (BBC Website)

Ratio and Proportion
Ratio and Proportion (BBC Website)

Measure, Shape and Space Work

2D Shapes (BBC Website)

Money Problems (BBC Website)

Reading dates and times (BBC Website)